Sunday, 7 June 2009

A yudofu set meal at Nanzenji Temple

Okutan Nanzenji branch, Nanzen-ji, Kyoto
奥丹 南禅寺店

When I say I come from Kyoto, some say that I am lucky to live Kyoto and they start talk of temples, gardens and YUDOFU(湯豆腐). Yudofu is a very simple dish, tofu in konbu kelp broth cooked in a large pot then dipped into sauce with chopped spring onion.

Where to eat Yudofu? Yudofu is home cooking for me. Once a couple told me they came to Kyoto all the way from Hiroshima, 500km to the west, just to have yudofu.

What?! Were they crazy?

It seems like yudofu must be something different from what I know. It must be, otherwise nobody would pay for simple tofu at a very expensive restaurant. I went with a friend, who likes tofu and had had yudofu at restaurants before, to an old restaurant which claims to be the oldest yudofu restaurant, Okutan(奥丹).

There’re many restaurants which serve yudofu around Nanzen-ji temple. We picked Okutan because the menu, actually only one set menu, seems to be more basic. –Some places serve it with sashimi and other things.

First of all sesame tofu and grated yamaimo,
similar to Japanese yam with wasabi, are served.

Then skewered baked tofu
coated with Japanese pepper, sansyo, miso.
They are lovely!

Then Shojin-age vegetable tempra.

Then yudofu boiled tofu.
Tofu test like real rich soy beans flavour,
which means I usually eat the one isn’t good quality…

Finally a bowl of rice and pickles.
Their boild rice is lovely!!
-I asked if I could have another serving,
which charged extra 200yen,
but I was so full after having the whole meal
and couldn’t ask another.

Unexpectedly the meal was filling and I had to skip dinner. The atmosphere was great and food was good. I think it was worth paying for eating out yudofu now, but not often…

-Okutan also has another restaurant at Kiyomizu-zaka near Kiyomizu temple.

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  1. Thank you. I wanted to recommend this to a friend, and you included all the details that I couldn't remember!