Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Travel to the North

Tohoku/ northern Honshu

The last two months I had opportunities to travel around the north of Japan. I stayed at a hot spring in Akita in July and travelled around Akita and Aomori this month. The weather was much cooler and more pleasant than here, this is partly because I stayed mainly in the highlands but the climate is clearly cooler and less humid than that where I live.

It’s about 1,200 km from Kyoto to Aomori and it takes about 15 hours non-stop driving on the highway. I’ve done the drive north four times and am familiar with the route. I choose to take the highway to Niigata which takes 6 hours and general roads along Japan Sea to Akita. I had told my husband how much I’d enjoyed the trip north last time and we decided to go together so I wasn’t alone this time and he could share the driving. We both like driving in the countryside, without the stress and frustration of traffic jams or lights. We both had to work on the day we left Kyoto so we didn’t get away until 10 p.m. and arrived at the north of Akita at 3p.m. next day. Although it was tiring, I could enjoy the sunrise and the fresh air.

We drove through mountains and fields, saw falls and forests, visited 6 hot springs, saw a festival and fireworks, visited 3 archaeological sites and enjoyed local food, in total we drove a little over 3,200 km in 6 days.

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