Thursday, 3 September 2009

Isedotai Stone Circle -Japanese Stone Age sites (2)

Isedotai Stone Circle, Kita'akita, Akita Pref.
伊勢堂岱遺跡 (秋田/北秋田市)

I was informed about a Jomon archaeological site in Akita when I had visited Oyu Stone Circle. I drove, drove and drove to the west. Located near Odate-Noshiro Airport(Akita Kita Airport) the site was discovered in the early stages of preparation to build the airport 14 years ago.

According to the information board, the site was used for ceremonies and four stone circles have been found so far. It is open to the public, but doesn’t have any facilities like the other sites and it’s difficult for me to image what the place was like as I don’t have enough archaeological knowledge.

It might be further excavated and better organized to receive visitors sometime in the future. It may well look completely different the next time I visit as this along with all the other sites in the area have jointly applied for World Heritage Site designation.

Isedotai Archaeological site (Japanese)
Isedotai Stone Circle (Japanese)


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