Thursday, 11 February 2010

a snowy morning

We hardly ever have snow in central Kyoto nowadays, it might lie briefly a couple of times a year. I seem to remember it used to be more often when I first started living here. Global warming? It could be.
I went out to take photos when I saw the snow on the neighbour’s roof. It wasn’t enough to cover the ground, but it gave slight colour to the scenery.

I went to Nijo Castle and Shinsen-en.

At Nijo Castle only a little snow remained.

Shinsen-en is one of my favourite places, originally the Imperial Garden when Kyoto was established, but it requires imagination to envisage the place in the past. –You may get an idea at a display in Nijojo-mae underground station.

It’s a small garden with tiny a sub-temple and shrines. I personally think it’s an interesting place and pleasing to the eye in every season.

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