Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Autumn colours: Jingo-ji Temple in Takao

Jingo-ji Temple, Takao, Kyoto
神護寺 (京都/高雄)
Takao, Makio and Togano'o are in the mountains west of Kyoto and together are one of the most popular destinations for Autumn colours. Each of the areas has a temple, one of them designated as a World Heritage Site. It takes 50 minutes more or less from Kyoto Station. It is only popular with visitors at this time of year and the rest is sleeping.


I went to Jingo-ji Temple in Takao which is located in the mountains and even older people with canes have to walk up long flights of steps. The worst thing is the steps are old and irregular, so for people like me, it's easy to twist an ankle, and care has to be taken going up and down.


The temple building itself might not be spectacular to see, but it has beautiful colours and panoramic view. It is only popular during autumn, but I'm sure the maples would be pretty in other seasons too.


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